Discovery in Wellfleet,Mass

image When I am on vacation I love to meander in and out of the various art galleries on Cape Cod and most especially in Wellfleet (my summer home for more than 40 years). This past July I started my tour at the west end of town and happened upon an artist who specializes in creating art through reclaimed objects. The piece that struck me the most was a swing (aptly named the ring chair) made out of original Coney Island Boardwalk planks. The swing serves two purposes – it is highly functional as a swing and comfortable spot for a quick snooze on a hot summer’s day but! it also is an incredibly beautiful piece of artwork. ¬†Funnily enough, the swing has been installed more inside than out- probably because the artist is based in New England and we are all too aware of how much snow they get in winter.


The artist, Jeff Soderbergh focuses on creating family heirlooms. He can customize pieces based upon client wishes and has had projects that address the needs of both commercial and residential projects. Jeff makes a point of saying that “reclaimed doesnt have to mean rustic;we can achieve both sleek and green”. I wholly concur ,as this reclaimed coney island boardwalk makes a beautiful and functional piece of artwork for the home-both inside and out.

Let me know if you would like to know more about Jeff and his beautiful work.


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